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 An information seminar will be held in Piraeus on Saturday, 28 January 2017 (11.00) at the Apollo Center (Ermoupoleos Street-1, Piliou Street, 18541 Kaminia) within the framework of the project "measures to promote small-scale fishing in EU Mediterranean waters" (MARE/2014/04 – SI2.723876). This appropriation is intended to cover expenditure on studies, meetings of fish.travel - best fishing charters in cancun , information and publications directly linked to the achievement of the objective of the programme or measures coming under this item, and any other expenditure on technical and administrative assistance not involving public authority tasks outsourced by the commission under ad hoc service contracts. The project is being implemented in Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

The seminar will present a presentation of the progress of the project, followed by a discussion of the real situation and problems of small-scale fisheries, the representation of small-scale fishermen in EU advisory councils and other bodies. The representation of professional fishermen's associations in the competent authorities and ways to provide accurate and up-to-date information to fishermen will also be discussed.

Representatives of the public and private sectors will take part in the meeting organized by APC S. A., a Greek consulting company specializing in fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture and sustainable development. APC S. A. is the contractor or pilot project and is responsible for the management of the project.

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